International Workshop on Memory and Storage Computing (MSC) @ ESWEEK 2021
Oct. 14th, 2021 / Virtual Conference


The conference will be held on whova and ZOOM. Please go for more details.
  • In light of COVID-19, MSC 2021 will be held as a virtual conference. More details will be announced in a timely manner.
  • July 16, 2021: Special issue on JSA has been setup for the workshop.
  • Sept 18, 2021: Instructions for Presenters is released.
  • Oct 10, 2021: Technical Program is released

Keynote Speakers



Xueqing Li
Associate Professor in EE, Tsinghua University

Keynote Title
Emerging Ferroelectronics: From Memory to Computing

Shaodi Wang

Keynote Title
WTM2101: Computing-in-memory SoC

About MSC 2021

Memory and storage technologies have been developed during the last decades. However, the data transfer cost between CPU and storage or memory becomes the critical challenge for the advanced systems. Storage and memory computing provides a new opportunity to solve this issue by adding computing function beside storage or memory. In this workshop, we are not only interested in the advanced storage and memory computing technologies, but also take a special attention to the advanced storage and memory technologies. The workshop to will bring together scientists and engineers from industry and academia who are working on storage and memory computing architectures and systems. The topics of the workshop will include but not limit to the following topics:
    1) Storage Computing Architecture
    2) Memory Computing Architecture
    3) Systems for Memory and Computing
    4) Systems for Storage and Computing
    5) State-of-the-art Storage Technologies
    6) State-of-the-art Memory Technologies
    7) FPGA enabled in storage computing
    8) Intermittent computing/system
    9) Design-space exploration for memory and storage systems
    10) Cross-layer design methodologies for memory hierarchy
    11) Compiler and OS optimization for emerging memory and storage
    12) Modeling, simulation and analysis for memory and storage
    13) Storage and memory design issues for emerging application scenarios, such as energy-harvesting computation, etc.
    14) Data storage and memory management interplay between embedded and IoT systems / edge / Cloud.
    15) Unification of memory and storage
    16) Non-volatile computing systems
    17) In-memory computing applications

ESWEEK is the premier event covering all aspects of hardware and software design for smart, intelligent and connected computing systems. Different from the traditional computing systems, memory and storage computing systems are new types of systems, especially focuses on how to exploit the specific characteristics of memory or storage to enable computing. Same to the theme of ESWEEK, the workshop focuses on the topics about how to enable computing with memory or storage. This is highly related to ESWEEK and complements it.

Selected papers, after further revisions, will be considered for publication in special issues of Journal of System and Architecture (CCF-B).

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: 15th Aug 2021, UTC+9 Extension to 1st, Sept 2021
Acceptance Notification: 10th Sept 2021 Extension to 15th Sept 2021
Final Paper Submission: 25th Sept 2021 Extension to 4th Oct 2021